Defend – Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla Oil (Loose Leaf)


Go wild over the aroma and delicious taste of a premium organic red bush tea with vanilla. Direct from the hillsides of South Africa, our Defend loose-leaf blend contains Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla Oil. Naturally caffiene-free. Also available in tea bags.

Every purchase of Charity Tea™ helps feed a hungry child. Read on to find out more. Wholesale orders welcome.

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Defend: Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla Oil

Looking for a great-tasting beverage that can be savored at anytime of day? Then you'll love the caffiene-free blend of Organic Rooibos Tea with Vanilla Oil (loose-leaf) – plus myriad of health benefits this delightful drink offers.

Straight from the fertile hills of South Africa, this delectable organic red bush tea is blended with organic vanilla oil to deliver the signature sweet and nutty taste that roobios is known and loved for. 

Contains no sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

Health benefits of organic rooibos tea

Made from the leaves of the Aspalathus linearis plant, rooibos tea (pronounced "ROY-boss") is naturally caffiene-free and rich in polyphenols, offering a whole host of health benefits.

Also known as red bush tea because of the distinctive crimson colour of the leaves and the beverage, rooibos tea contains many vital minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and alpha hydroxyl acid, along with high levels of vitamin C and powerful antioxidants.

Drinking a cup of organic rooibos tea can help to aid weight loss, improve the appearance of the skin, alleviate pain, soothe allergies and ease digestion. Research also suggests that red bush tea can support heart health and – when drunk without any added sweetener – may even help to control or prevent diabetes.

Buy Organic Rooibos with Vanilla

Defend Rooibos Tea with Vanilla Oil (loose-leaf) is currently available in a:

  • 40g bag inside our elegant Charity Tea™ Signature Black and Gold Tin
  • 40g refill bag on its own (approximately 15–20 servings)
  • 500g refill bag

Prefer tea bags? See Organic Rooibos with Vanilla Tea Bags

How to brew rooibos loose tea

Add one or two pinches, or one teaspoon, of organic roobios to a tea infuser. Pour on hot water, ideally at 90 degrees Celcius, and brew for three to five minutes. Remove the infuser and enjoy.

Rooibos tea can be enjoyed with or without milk.

If you have a sweet tooth, add honey or your favourite sweetener. For extra indulgence and wow factor, add a slice of lemon.

Make rooibos iced tea

Rooibos iced tea is delicious on a hot day. Follow the brewing instructions above before adding a couple of icecubes and placing in a fridge for at least an hour. Dress with a slice of lemon and add a dash of honey, if required.


About Charity Tea

Charity Tea™ is the tea that nourishes. As well as nourishing you from the inside out, a purchase of any of our delicious range helps nourish children in New Zealand and overseas.

Love is the secret ingredient

High-quality organic and ethically sourced tea does not need to cost the earth. By putting people and the planet over profit, we are building a legacy of zero hunger for the world.

We pick our teas carefully, choosing only the finest ingredients and always ensuring fair wages for suppliers, opting for smaller farmers where we can. With either certified organic or organically grown tea leaves and herbs, our tea range contains no chemicals, dyes or plastics.

Our packaging is plastic free, which includes every one of our tea bags. Wherever possible, we use fully certified compostable bags. Our smaller refills are made of recycled paper, and our Signature tins are refillable and recyclable.

Charity Tea™ is an equal opportunities employer. We partner with New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development to offer exciting opportunities in our organic tea shop and distribution arm to people in the community who are normally disadvantaged.

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Important note on herbal teas

Herbal teas can help towards maintaining your health and wellbeing, but do not claim to cure any acute or chronic health issues. We recommend checking with your health practitioner to work through health issues that require extra assistance. Herbal teas may not be suitable if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or on medication. Consult your health practitioner first.

Charity Tea™ is sold by weight, not volume.


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Loose tea (small) with Signature tin, Loose tea (small refill), 500g loose tea, 1kg loose tea

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