Tea Infusers

Brew the perfect cup of tea with one of our high-quality, stainless steel tea infusers. Charity Tea™ infusers are made especially for premium loose-leaf blends.

As avid tea lovers ourselves, we made it our mission to find the best tea infusers available. Both featuring tiny mesh holes, with these tea accessories your loose tea blend will stay inside the infuser instead of seeping into your cup.

Infusers make the perfect gift for a loved one and can be coupled with a stylish tin of organic loose tea. Monthly tea plans are also available for a minimum of three months.


Tea Infusers NZ

We deliver stainless steel tea infusers across NZ to help you get the perfect cup when brewing our delicious loose-leaf tea. The fine mesh catches all the leaves, herbs, and other ingredients in the blend, keeping them contained in the strainer and out of your cup. These infusers make a lovely gift for the tea connoisseur in your life, and purchasing one from Charity TeaTM helps feed hungry children in Haiti and here in New Zealand.


Which Tea Infuser is Best for You?

We have two tea infusers available in our NZ store for different types of tea drinkers. Here’s more about each one and how to choose the best option for your teatime:


Scissor-style tea strainer

This compact loose tea infuser features a fine stainless steel mesh that filters the flavour right into your cup. It is perfect for tea drinkers that like to travel, camp, or drink tea solo. They’re also ideal for preparing various flavoured teas in individual cups to suit each guest’s preferences.


Tea infuser for cups and teapots

This stainless steel loose-leaf tea infuser has foldable handles, allowing it to fit inside almost any teapot or cup. Its micro mesh holes let the flavour in and keep the leaves out for a perfectly brewed cup of tea. These infusers can hold more tea than our scissor-style strainers and are perfect for tea lovers who like to share.

Both our infusers are easy to clean and made with high-quality stainless steel. Using one helps you ditch the teabags that often come with printed labels and staples that aren’t fit for your compost bin. When you buy a tea infuser from Charity TeaTM, we donate a portion of the sale to Ten18 International – a fund that supports hungry children in NZ and beyond.

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  • Scissor style tea strainer

    Scissor Style Tea Strainer (Stainless Steel)

  • Stainless Steel Tea Infuser for cups and teapots