Tea Tins

Looking for a stylish way of storing your tea? Our elegant Charity Tea™ black and gold tea tins add a touch of class and humanitarian kudos to your kitchen cabinet.

Keep your organic tea fresh so you enjoy every cup. Our tea tins are double lidded and come in two sizes: small to fit our small refill packs and large to fit a portion of our large tea refills.

As with all of our packaging, our tea caddies are made from fully recyclable materials – though we’re sure you’ll be reusing them to store loose-leaf or tea bags for many years to come.

Buy Tea Tins

When you buy a tea tin, you have a nice addition to your kitchen decor that will also keep your teabags fresh and dry.

Benefits of buying a tea tin

To prevent your favourite tea from losing its flavour and aroma, you’ll want to purchase a tea container to keep out oxygen, moisture, heat, and light. We have put together more information about the tea storage products we stock:

  • If you drink or serve tea often in your home, you may want a teabag holder that can hold several tea bags, or tea leaves, to always keep on hand. Our large Signature black and gold tins, with their elegant design and chic look, can hold up to 25 teabags at once, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen.
  • When you enjoy your cuppa while visiting your friends at their homes or work but have a specific tea you love, you may want to take your favourite tea with you. Our small black and gold tins are small enough to pack into any handbag or backpack and can hold up to 10 teabags.
  • To ensure your tea bags or tea leaves maintain their freshness, we ensure that all our products made for teabag storage in New Zealand are double lidded, locking out moisture and air.

At Charity TeaTM, we are passionate about all things related to this perfect hot drink and ensure our products are beautifully crafted while still being practical for use. When you’re in the market to buy your next tea tin, you may want to consider us for your next purchase.

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