Tea Plans

Luxury organic tea delivered to your door each month

How our Tea Plans Work

We created Tea Plans for our busy tea lovers who never want to run out of beautiful, luxury tea again.  You can choose from our range of flavours and have your very own, personalised monthly delivery to your door – automatically!

One of the greatest feelings in the world is enjoying a beautiful cup of tea.  One of the worst feelings is realising that you have run out!

Easy to Set up, Adjust Anytime


Getting set up with a Tea Plan is super super easy.

  1. Choose your plan and flavours
  2. Place your order
  3. Your first month of tea will arrive promptly within 2-4 business days along with a complimentary set of gold and black signature tea tins

Each month, we will automatically send you a replacement order and will debit the card that you provided automatically.

If you want to change your plan or adjust flavours, simply log on or email us and we will update it as long as your changes have been made within two days of your scheduled order dispatch. Tea Plans can be cancelled any time after 3 months. 

The antioxidants and vitamins found in herbal teas are great for helping fight disease and infections, protect against oxidative stress, and lower the risk of chronic disease, with great anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal teas promote gut health, digestive health, energy, relaxation, sleep, detoxification and more. 

Desiree Lee

Holistic Nutritionist

Every Order Feeds a Child

Every single order placed through Charity Tea™ goes to helping feed hungry children in both New Zealand and abroad.

We truly appreciate your support!


Being in the health profession, I recommend Charity Tea™ to anyone I am talking to. The health benefits of tea, with it being full of antioxidants and vitamins it is great for your body.

I found the mind body connection when having a tea so soothing. I have a cuppa before bed every night.

Laurinda Howarth

Entrepreneur & Coach

Serving Sizes

Serving’ sizes may vary based on taste, flavour and method of tea making.  The serving numbers for our Tea Plan refills are based on an average serving per cup of tea made with loose leaf variety


From our Founder and CEO, Gil

“I started Charity Tea™ with a simple and elegant mission. To provide a sustainable fundraising business for charities who desperately need it whilst making life just a little bit easier for our customers to get the very best quality tea.

I have painstakingly tested and handpicked each and every tea blend with taste, health, well-being and quality at the top of mind. If you are like me and enjoy a great cuppa – then you’ll know why this is important.

Our teas are chosen to liven up the start of your busy day, to help unwind at the end or to share with those closest to you.”