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How to attract more cafe customers

The Secrets to Cafe Success ebook has been created specially for cafe owners and managers in New Zealand. 

Bursting with practical, take-home tips, the ebook shares simple things you can do to attract more regular customers to your hospitality business. 

Inside the book we walk you through how to engage with a whole new demographic for your cafe or coffee shop. The bonus is that this group of new clientele offers ample opportunities for upselling other products, increasing your venue’s profit margins and attracting repeat customers. 

In a nutshell, this new group of customers will create many more opportunities to promote your cafe and greatly improve your business’s income. 

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Practical advice for cafes and coffee shops

If you hadn’t guessed already (well, we are a much-loved organic tea company), the ebook covers how to target an exciting new customer-base of tea drinkers. 

Now, you may be thinking that your sales of tea are less than desirable. 

But with a little extra know-how, you can successfully target this new audience to attract more customers to your cafe.

In the ebook we cover:

  • Facts about the untapped market of tea drinkers in New Zealand
  • Potential reasons why your current tea sales are poor
  • How offering a quality tea makes all the difference
  • How to make tea drinking an experience to attract repeat business
  • Some very effective upselling opportunities and retail options
  • Example profit margins for New Zealand cafes that offer premium tea
  • Ready-made content for promoting your business on social media

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