Scissor Style Tea Strainer (Stainless Steel)


Brew the perfect cup of loose tea with our popular scissor style tea strainer. Easy to use and easy to clean, this scissor tea infuser features a fine mesh pocket that encourages excellent filtration – and without any floating bits left in your cup.

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Scissor Style Tea Strainer

If you're looking for a handy way of brewing loose leaf tea, look no further than our scissor style tea strainer.

Made from stainless steel, this loose tea infuser features a pocket of fine mesh that keeps the finest herbs and ingredients exactly where they need to be: inside the strainer itself!

Easy to use and easy to clean, a scissor strainer is a convenient way of brewing loose tea without any extra mess or fuss.


How to use a scissor tea infuser

The scissor style tea infuser is simple to use:

  1. Open the tea strainer as you would a pair scissors
  2. Add your favourite loose tea into one side of the infuser
  3. Ensure no loose tea spills over the edges
  4. Close the strainer and place it in a cup of hot water or a teapot
  5. Leave for 2–5 minutes, depending on your variety of tea's instructions


What's the benefit of loose tea?

We're passionate about tea that is healthy, organic and produces zero waste. Our loose tea is all of these things.

Here's why:

A healthy alternative

With organic loose tea, all you are brewing are the delicious herbal ingredients rather than any nasties – and especially those nasties that sometimes come with teabags.

Many teabags are made with plastic-based glues, toxic paper tags or chemical dyes. And those are the last things you want to brew with your cup of tea.

Just as an aside, all Charity Tea™ teabags are sealed by heat making them plastic-free, staple-free and tag-free.

Zero waste

Opting for loose tea saves teabags from entering landfill. As with any quality tea infusers, the scissor style tea infuser is washable and reusable.

Although tea bags are compostable, many of them include toxic paper tags and staples that shouldn't really end up in your compost bin. Teabag paper tags are often printed with toxic ink, which is the last thing you want going into your veggie patch.

Choose your tea strength

With a teabag, the strength of tea has been chosen for you. With loose tea, you can choose exactly how strong – or weak – your cuppa will be.

More servings than teabags

Generally speaking, when you buy loose tea you get to enjoy more servings of tea than you would do if you opted for teabags. It often makes loose tea a more affordable option.


About Charity Tea

Charity Tea™ is the tea that nourishes. As well as nourishing you from the inside out, a purchase of any of our delicious range helps nourish children in New Zealand and overseas.

Love is the secret ingredient

High-quality organic and ethically sourced tea does not need to cost the earth. By putting people and the planet over profit, we are building a legacy of zero hunger for the world.

We pick our organic teas carefully, choosing only the finest ingredients and always ensuring fair wages for suppliers, opting for smaller farmers where we can. With either certified organic or organically grown tea leaves and herbs, our tea range contains no chemicals, dyes or plastics.

Our packaging is plastic free, which includes every one of our tea bags. Wherever possible, we use fully certified compostable bags. Our smaller refills are made of recycled paper, and our Signature tins are refillable and recyclable.

Charity Tea™ is an equal opportunities employer. We partner with New Zealand’s Ministry of Social Development to offer exciting opportunities in our organic tea shop and distribution arm to people in the community who are normally disadvantaged.

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