Stainless Steel Tea Infuser for cups and teapots


Enjoy your favourite cup of tea with this quality stainless steel tea infuser. The unique design features micro-holes to keep your loose tea inside the strainer, which means no more little bits in your brew! Foldable handles allow the infuser to fit inside most cups, mugs and teapots.


Dimensions (H) 6cm      (W) 6.5m or (W) 14cm arms extended

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Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

We were tired of searching for quality tea infusers that left your cup of tea free from floating tea leaves. So we decided to create our very own!

This unique stainless steel tea infuser makes the perfect cup of loose tea and is a much-loved accessory for any discerning tea connoisseur.

The tea infuser comes with:

  • A uniquely designed tea strainer with tiny mesh holes
  • Foldable handles to suit many sizes of cups, mugs and teapots
  • A Charity Tea™ branded lid that doubles as a stand

If you know a tea lover, the tea strainer makes the perfect gift, and especially along with a gift box of tea.

Please wash before use.

No more 'bits' in loose leaf tea

Made from stainless steel, this quality tea infuser has been designed specially to keep all of the finest loose leaf herbs and ingredients where they need to be: inside the strainer.

The infuser itself is made of fine mesh holes. Many other tea strainers are made with a larger mesh, which often means that your premium loose tea seeps outside to rest of the cup or teapot.

We designed this infuser – and our scissor tea strainer – so our organic ingredients stay exactly where they should be.

Adaptable size

We chose foldable handles for this quality tea infuser. This handy design The ensures the strainer will fit a variety of sizes of tea cups, mugs and even teapots.

Easily pack the tea infuser into a travel mug to transport it between work and home. And save on space when packing the tea strainer into your kitchen drawer.

No more spills

Once you've finished brewing your favourite loose tea, turn the Charity Tea™ lid upside down and it doubles as a stand for the tea infuser.

It means no more spills, especially when you're brewing your cup of tea in the place where you'll enjoy it: at your desk or dining table, or in your lounge.


Buy premium organic tea

If you're looking for premium organic ingredients to brew inside your tea infuser, see our full range of organic loose teas.

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Tea infuser packaging note

At Charity Tea™ we care about the planet. Ordinarily all of our packaging is compostable, recyclable and refillable. Sadly, the maker of the tea infuser was unable to wrap the strainers in paper. Instead each has been wrapped in a tiny plastic bag. We have decided to pass them on to our customers like this for hygiene purposes. We politely request you recycle this plastic bag in your supermarket's soft-plastic recycling bin. Thank you.